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What da heck is RTFM? 
This site was created in tribute to our departing colleague Manuel, who is sadly leaving our company today for pastures new.

Over the past few months he's continuously kept us amused with his crazy Mexican sayings, anecdotes and philosophical insights. You see, Manuel is always willing to chip in with one of his pearls of wisdom... Whether its relevant, amusing or makes any sense at all is normally a completely different matter.

So as a goodbye present, (and for everyone else's amusement), we've collected up some of his more hilarious utterances and turned them into this site.

Oh, and by the way, Manuel had no idea we were taking photos of him to use on this website, he was just posing! Nice one, ho ho!


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In Mexico, I was the fastest man in school!  
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We hereby swear that all the sayings on this site are 100% Manuel and have been written down exactly as he said them.

They've come from many sources: conversation, email, msn, etc. But they all originated in his sun-baked Mexican mind.
In Mexico, I was the fastest man in school!
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